Sunday, January 10, 2010

Irish Name does not equal "PUB."

We tried a place called "Paddy's" last night with friends of ours. We walked in, and we just shook our heads. We sat down at the table, and our (clueless) waitress comes over to us. I asked if they had any ciders (being a "Pub" and all.) She said, "Um - I will have to ask." Friend of ours held his hands up in the shape of a 22 oz. beer. He said, "I'd like a beer." She says, "We um don't have a boot." He says, again, "I'd like a beer." She says, "Um, we don't have glasses like that, but I can get you a pitcher." Finally, his wife says, "He'll have one of the specials." The waitress comes back to me and says, "Um we have Smithwick's..I mean, that's a cider, right?" I just said, "I'll have a water."

The menu was full of mozzarella sticks, buffalo wings, etc.

The trainer for the waitress comes over to see how we're doing, "You don't want to order anything yet, right?" ... See More

Well that's the wrong attitude, isn't it?

She comes back. Gray tells her the confusion. He asks what the alcohol content is in the MGD 64. She says, "None, right? Like there isn't any, right?" We looked at her blankly and said, "it's definitely an alcoholic beer." She then proceeds to tell us about she and like her friend like totally drank 18 of them and like she totally left the pool sober as a bird! *shakes head*

I ask HER about cider. She says, "Oh yeah - like the spiked stuff?" I said, "no... not like the spiked stuff. Like Woodpecker, Woodchuck, Hornsby's, Strongbow, Blackthorn?" She says, "I'll ask." She then tells Gray that they don't know how to sell pitchers, etc. OY VEY!

She comes back to the table and says, "We have this Strongbow stuff, is that right?" I said, ", please."

Moral of the story...just because your name is "Paddy's" with a Leprechaun, and you claim to be a "pub," YOU'RE NOT A PUB!

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