Thursday, December 17, 2009

Old Blog Post # 1

** I found these on an old [forgotten] blog I had, and so I'll post them here. **

Many of you know the story about the married man posing as single...though had a daughter, oh...and a girlfriend?

Here you go:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008
I am not an inanimate object to be used.

I was contacted by a man that seemed great. His profile title was “Searching for my Soulmate.” Okay, his headline title was cheesy, but whatever. (Your headline/title is what you use as the title of your personal’s ad to grab others’ attention). We talked, and we eventually decided to meet for dinner. He came to the house, and he picked me up. He brought flowers, which was a first for me, and he even met a housemate and her mother who was visiting. They said they had “good vibes” about him.

We went and had dinner at a quaint little Italian place, and we had good conversation. I could tell he was a little nervous. First date jitters I guess. We drove around looking for a Starbucks to have some coffee, but they were all packed so we ended up coming back to my house, and casually watching some t.v. Around 10pm, it was time for him to leave. We said our goodbyes, I gave him a hug, and that was that.

I hadn’t talked to him for a few weeks due to his work schedule, and we made plans to have coffee. We met for coffee, and we talked some more. He was still a little nervous, so I chalked it up to his personality. “I don’t think this is going to work” was what I was thinking. We ended our coffee, and we went our separate ways.

He left to go out of town for work.

Out of the blue about a week later, I receive a text on my phone, “I’m a horrible person. Please forgive me.”

I told him he had neither done nor said nothing to me so what was I forgiving him for?

I knew it was bad when he asked if I could chat with him so I logged onto one of my plethora of messengers.

Here is how the conversation transpired:

Him: I’m a horrible person. I’ve lied to you. I’m not who you think I am.

Me (my thoughts will be done in parentheses – I only know you like hiking): Oh, and who are you?

Him: I don’t know if I can tell you. You’re affiliated with the same group I am.

Me: Nah, I’m only using them for discount SCUBA.

Him: I’m a married man. With a child.

Me: Ok.

Him: It gets worse.

Me: (how could it?)

Him: Well she had an online emotional relationship, if that makes sense.

Me: Ok. (what else am I going to say?)

Him: I put a key logger on the PC.

Me: That wasn’t very nice of you.

Him: And I read in black and white that she hated me, I wasn’t a good lover, etc.

Me: Ok. Did you confront her on this?

Him: For the past three years our relationship has been rocky. She’s abusive sometimes.

Me: Ok.

Him: So I joined [club], and I met Pam.

Me: Ok. (I can see where this is going…….ass)

Him: We immediately clicked. We talked the entire way up and the entire way back from the trip. We even clicked on the trail like she slipped, and I caught her. That night, we almost kissed, but she said “no” because she had gotten out of a bad relationship. The next night, the same thing happened. We slept together.

Me: Ok. So in my case, you lied to me twice – 1) saying you were wholly single and 2) you’re in love with someone who is not your wife, doesn’t know you’re married, and you’re out looking for others to date.

Him: Well I wasn’t really going to date you. I was going to use you.

Me: Welp, that’s all I needed to hear. Bye.

Him: Please let me finish.

I logged out of chat, mad as Hell. He sent another e-mail to me, reiterating the “I was to be used” fact, and I just got madder. I could feel my face getting flush, and I really wanted to punch this person, causing permanent damage.

I ended it with he had no respect. I have more class and intelligence than to be “used” like some inanimate object. I’m not an idiot. I’m not a ditz, and I’m a strong woman who doesn’t just fall and swoon and cling to any man that shows her attention. I’m sorry, but I can’t forgive you as you show no remorse.

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