Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday - no rest day

We picked up a new family member this morning: "Spork." Well, that's the name she came with. She was rescued by a family from Cobb County Animal Control (kill shelter). She is a 10 months old female [spayed] Pit Bull Terrier. She was basically the ready-made pet...just add family.

We were going to hike at Cloudland Canyon, but it's two hours away from us so we opted to hike at Red Top. Note to self (and others, obviously): take note of the loop lengths.

Neither one of us had been hiking in some time so we grab the dogs (Grimm and Spork) and head out on a hike. About a mile in, the trail split, and we opted to continue on the Homestead Loop (not knowing how long it was). After mile 3 marker on the very hilly trail, Andrew said, "wouldn't it be funny if when we got done we found out it was a 6 mile loop?" I laughed and said, "I HOPE NOT!"

5.5 miles.

It was a 5.5 miles loop around Allatoona up and over the mountain. I thought "Homestead" = maybe some old buildings. Nope....just trees, rocks, and some small streams.

We got done hiking, and the "kids" were ready for more. So we came home, ate, watched an episode of "Dexter" and headed on our way to the Cherokee County Humane Society Thrift Store's Dog Park.

Things were going great until the no-manners Labradoodle came walking in, ran over to me, and body slammed me, jumping up to my face. Nice.

Then it started growling and snapping at Grimm.

Then as I was bending down, it ran over, jumped up, and nearly broke my nose: I saw stars.

We ended up leaving after some shopping for dog toys in the store (new ones, at that!) and just got home.


Sunday = no rest day.

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