Monday, November 2, 2009

"I'm like gonna start slurring soon!"

Question: When was it ever "cool" or socially-acceptable to profess how drunk you are?

I went over to a friend's house on Friday night for a pot-luck type dinner. It was me, Andrew, two of our friends (in their late 20s...28...and early 30s), our friend (the hostess, early 30s) and then the hostess's roommate (21 years old).

Of the whole group, some of us were only casually drinking (one beer or one cider with our meal). The 21 year old, however, had to inform us each and every time she was making another drink and profess loudly as well.

Frankly, I don't care if a 21 year old is pouring themselves another drink. They are 21 years old; therefore, they are old enough to drink alcohol.

This was not a "let's get wasted" party. This was a small pot-luck dinner among friends.

Not only did the 21 year old have to profess how often she was pouring herself another drink, but had to put her $0.02 into every single conversation taking place.....and do so loudly.

I finally had enough, felt like I wanted to punch someone or say something cutting and snarky, so I went and sat down...waiting to leave. I ended up texting three friends of mine trying to hold my tongue before lashing out against the 21 year old.

But when was it ever cool to constantly interrupt conversations stating you were going to start slurring soon, pouring yourself another drink, or grabbing the bottle of alcohol and showing us [again] what you were drinking tonight? When did loudly interrupting ongoing conversations with inappropriate comments or topics become acceptable as well?

Geez. I know I'm not THAT old, but I was never that annoying.

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