Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why Twitter is creepy...

Twitter can be creepy.

Everyday, I receive an e-mail informing me that so-and-so are now following me on Twitter. Sometimes it's scammers or spammers. Other times it's people I don't know, check them out, and they seem fine.

Today was a creepy moment.

I receive notification that "John Doe" (obviously not real name) is now following me on Twitter. I log into Twitter, and I see "John Doe," and then I read what "John Doe" wrote to some other person he started following after she asked if she knew him:

"@femaletwitteruser Sorry about taking forever to reply. You probably don't know me. I just follow beautiful women at random."

"I just follow beautiful women at random?"

Serial Killer?
Weird Fetish?

Do you want us to put the lotion on the skin?

What the heck?! If you're going to follow someone on Twitter that is not a celebrity, maybe you should send them a message first.

FWIW, I blocked "John Doe."


A. Hab. said...

I've had to block a few "followers" on Twitter because they said things like, "I'm just so young and horny. Will you play with me?" And I said, "Absolutely not. You need to put your panties on and go home to your mama." Well...I said that in my head. In reality, I just hit the "block" button.

Jack said...

I've received several of those including the, "it's so hot outside that I decided to strip naked, wanna see?" etc. *gag*