Monday, July 27, 2009

I got beat by an 8 year old.

On Saturday night, Andrew and I went over to Shane's house. Kim had a surprise bachelorette get together, and the hostess's husband and their two kids came to Shane's house (ages 8 and 12).

We had "Big Pie", including their XL pizza to make the kids' eyes bug out at its size, and then we played the Wii the rest of the night. At first, I was just getting tickled pink by the kids playing. So funny.

Then the one kid handed me the controller and said, " play."

We were playing "Punch Out!!" versus. I had seen the 8 year old's "technique" prior to playing him (we were calling it Parker Kwon Do). Instead of throwing his hands out punching, he would jump up and down and run back and forth at the same time. The funny thing is...he was winning.

So I play him. He knocks me out in Round 1....2.....and while my guy is "hulk-ified," knocks him out at Round 3.....KO! 8 year old wins.

I think the funniest part of the evening was watching Andrew attempt "Parker Kwon Do" though :)

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