Thursday, June 4, 2009

My new addictive pleasure - texts from last night

Such great things from the 404 as:

(404): I hate seeing commercials about babies when i'm high
(954): Yeah, I don't like babies at all
(404): I cant believe you went over there and f**ked her last night after everything you said
(770): she invited me over to play the wii, it's not like i intended to
(404): You KNEW her power was out...
(404): I just bought the big bottle of Patron. It looks small. What have I done with my life?
(503): Succeeded.
(404): A little girl and i are having a face making battle in mcdonalds
(404): She started it, but I totally finished it.
(404): FYI..good luck when you get back from work.. mom and dad know about the boy you brought home last night
(1-404): haha good did you even know?
(404): we all know. he obviously didn't leave when you might have told him to.. he came down when we were eating because he coud smell mom's cooking. the dude ate with us and offered to say grace. so yeah, good luck.
(404): Not sure what happened last night, but there are four mini bikes outside and some guy is wearing my shirt passed out in the breakfast nook. Won't be telling the grand kids about this one.
(843): lets hang out tonight and do stupid stuff.
(404): Dating you for 6 months was stupid enough. But thanks.

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