Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thanks for keeping Craigslist dishonest.

Earlier today, I replied to an ad on Atlanta's Craigslist advertising two brand new bikes for $100 "takes all" which included water bottle holders, etc. I did a screenshot of the ad, and I replied to the guy asking where he was, etc.

I received a reply back from him. The first line says, "The price is $150. Best time to pick up is Sunday."

Now, $150 is still a great deal on two "brand new" bikes, but I sent him the screenshot of his ad showing $100, and his reply was "that's not my ad." I bolded the e-mail address in the well as the e-mail address with which he used to reply to me.

I said thanks but no thanks. There's no telling what else you're being dishonest about. Thanks for keeping Craigslist dishonest.

What a tool.

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