Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thanks, but I'm fully capable.

We took Cash and Grimm to Petsmart today. Cash gets to walk on the tile floor; Grimm has to ride in the cart (Grimm is only 9 wks old -and who knows what is on Petsmart's floor). We're in the toy aisle when the Petsmart trainer (*rolls eyes*) approaches. As she approaches, I tell Grimm to "SITZ," which is the German command for "Sit." He politely sits down as the trainer approaches. Now, you'd think she's commend Grimm for being so well-behaved for being a 9 weeks old puppy. Instead she asks, "Is he a German Shepherd?" After confirmation that he is, she then asks, "Will you be doing any training with him?" (Did she not just hear and see me do a "SITZ" command?) I reply yes that we intend on training him and titling him - if not Search and Rescue as well. She looks at me and says, "oh well good we offer training classes here as well - in case you wanted to do obedience with him or something." I replied that I knew and that dogs, in order to be SAR dogs had to be fully obedience trained and pass the CGC. She just pets Grimm, smiles, and walks away.

Now, it normally wouldn't bother me, but this particular Petsmart - they have two trainers. You can have the most obedient dogs in the world (as mine normally are), and they will still tell you that you would do best in enrolling in their programs.

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