Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Some lies that the dog trainer - whatever she is - in South Carolina is guilty of (besides our lies) and found on her "website" (also known as MySpace):

"'K9' Gernhardt - 'K9' Gernhardt (my retired partner)" : Gernhardt is not/was not a K-9 police dog. The trainer/owner/whatever got Gernhardt from someone off a message board who could no longer care for him. I think he was 9 or 10 at the time. Gernhardt was never this "trainer's" K-9 partner - retired or otherwise.

"Meeka @ 10 months, trained in Criminal Apprehension and Drug Detection" : Funny that Meeka's description has changed since the last time I checked on it. This was the dog that we were supposed to get. At 10 months old, she is not trained in Drug Detection nor Criminal Apprehension. They may have had someone run with a suit on, and she chased them, but that's it. As far as "Drug Detection," I had asked the "trainer" what kind of tracking training she had. The "trainer" said she had been started on trailing, but she had no formal training. Now, again, her description changes to read that she is a trained Criminal Apprehension and Drug Detection dog. Hell, I'm still wondering if there was even a "Meeka."

"K9 Vadar - K.I.A.": I don't see how a dog can be K.I.A. when it was never a working police dog. This was one of her pets down in South Georgia!

"Hey Brandy"
- Funny...she told us her name was something other than Brandy. Where did "Brandy" come from?

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