Friday, March 6, 2009

I am NOT defending "Tot Mom," but...

Re: Tot mom: new images show morbid pictures of skeletons


1. Skull carved out of an apple: It was well done, and who is to say it wasn't done for a Halloween party?

2. Two skeletons kissing: Looks like a poster I've seen before, and it probably is. I think you used to be able to buy it at Spencer's.

3. "I Love Tattooed Boys" - who cares? I think this is a piece of flair on Facebook!

4. A tattoo design of a Frankenstein zombie "hottie" - so what? It's someone's tattoo design.

All of the above images are "evil" because why?


Amanda said...

What's "Tot Mom"?

Jack said...

"Tot mom" is Casey Anthony who is currently in jail for her daughter's (Caylee Anthony) murder (the little girl whose remains were found in the grandparent's backyard in Florida?)

Amanda said...

Oh, I'd never heard of her referred to as anything besides Casey Anthony.