Friday, February 13, 2009

Southern Cross Day One

Day one at Southern Cross Guest Ranch in Madison, Georgia: If ever you wanted to feel like a home away from home, this is the place. Everyone is so welcoming and accomodating. You feel as if you are staying at a friend's home. We barely made the cut off for riding today, but then again we had not planned on riding. One of the guest ranch's staff members called us today to tell us that it might rain tomorrow. We rode for two hours today, and it was great. After riding we relaxed, and at six, it was time for supper. French fries, steak, five fish dishes and pizza were the main entrees. Salad, veggie salads, and cleaned shrimp were the sides. We are just relaxing tonight and enjoying listening to the horses trot and run outside our room (which includes a balcony). After today, can't wait until tomorrow :-)

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