Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jamaica, mon!

My brother and his fiancée are getting married Sept. 12th in Jamaica. Anyone going will be going for 5-7 days :) The cost, per couple, is $1908-$3400 (depending on length of stay)....which is great. I will be booking soon, and the biggest decision I have is...garden or beachfront. I'm thinking beachfront. Even if it storms...it'll be pretty.

Andrew's coming with me as well. It'll sort of be like my birthday present since my birthday is on the 30th. Can't wait :)


Amanda said...

Phew, those numbers made my heart stop.

Have fun, though! :)

Jack said...

Well it's cost...per couple...and is all-inclusive including ground transportation, airfare, all food and most of the activities.

So $3400 for two people with 8 days/7 nights all inclusive in Jamaica comes out to $212.50 per day :) That's less than what you'd pay for the same quality hotel room only in Jamaica.

Not too bad.