Saturday, February 7, 2009

Issues with Caesars Palace

I do have a few complaints about my room in Vegas for Caesars: I don't appreciate my six a.m. wake up from the guy next door having sex with multiple women. I don't appreciate the fact that I made it quite clear NON smoking room on NON smoking floor...only to have cigarette smoke enter my room from under the adjoining room door. I don't appreciate the rusted and old staple in the carpet coming through to the surface by my door. I don't appreciate the peeling wallpaper in my room. I will, however, say that I have been satisfied with the cleaning staff. I would only recommend Caesars Palace in Vegas if you stay in a different tower and have no issues with cigarette smoke.


Amanda said...

How do you know he was having sex with multiple women? know what? Never mind...I don't want to know. *shudder* Sorry the room wasn't great. I hope you have a safe flight back to ATL.

Jack said...

The walls were paper thin. Same male voice....different female voices/sound effects. Definitely not a porn as they "bumped" into my wall a couple of times.