Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blistex Deep Renewal: Just Say No

My lips weren't necessarily chapped to begin with, but I opted to get some protection since it was getting cold outside, etc.

I opted to try Blistex's new "Deep Renewal". It promises to help your lips remain smooth, protect like it should against sun and wind, reduce fine lines, etc. I didn't care about fine lines, etc. but thought I should try this new lip protectant, right?

At first, I was addicted to it. It was great. It went on smooth and not messy, but gave a slight gloss to my lips.

Then I lost my tube of it, and I didn't have anything at all. For a day or so, my lips were fine. We are now at the end of week 1, and my lips are horrible. Never before have my lips not only been so dry, but they feel like there are little miniscule cracks all over them, giving my lips a "tight" feeling. My lips have started to dry out much more rapidly than when I wasn't using a lip protectant at all.

Now I have dried lips with miniscule cracks and dry and raw spots as well. Sure, the "fine lines" are gone, but it feels like they are gone because the first microscopic layer of my lips have been burned off.

It's not from cold sores, and like I said, I've had chapped lips before from not using protectant at all, but it seems like stopping the use of Blistex Deep Renewal has caused the chapping to speed up.

Because of this, I do NOT recommend Blistex Deep Renewal. I think I'll just stick with my trusty Chapstick.

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Amanda said...

I use Blistex Silk and Shine, and I love it. I don't use it every day, and it certainly doesn't destroy my lips like this sounds like! It goes on very smoothly and also adds a nice gloss without feeling goopy or sticky (which I can't stand). You might give it a try, if you think you could ever go back to Blistex products again. :)