Friday, December 26, 2008

You can't be serious.

This Christmas has been an odd one.

It's the first Christmas with both my Nan and my Pop not present.
Andrew's grandmother (his last grandparent) died on Christmas Eve.
I come into work this morning (the 26th) and see ONE vehicle. I walk into work, and it's me, "Jugs", and "My BFF." That's it. Just us three.

As I'm walking back to my office, Jugs is talking to our boss on the phone...looking excited. Oh geez, I hope he said just to go home!

She comes back to my office - kinda rocks, kinda sucks - our boss called in sick. So it's still...just us three. However, we have NOTHING to do. The phones aren't ringing; we've been doing piddly work (or rather did piddly work on Christmas Eve). Nothing.

I'm hoping the boss calls back in a little bit and tells us all we can leave at noon.

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