Sunday, December 21, 2008

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.

I thought the title of my blog seemed appropriate. "I can see clearly now, the rain is gone."

Taking the time to reflect today, I have a brief 2008 year in review and updates as well. I have been so busy these last few months with work and the economy sucking, settling into a new place, etc. that I have neglected my blog. I KNOW my friends know that I am stressed and busy as I have all but neglected communication with them - even thought texting! I know - that's the real shock.

A brief 2008 in review....

* Still working
* Went to Vegas in January, Vegas in March, Boston in November - all for work
* Pop died Dec. 17, 2007 - close enough to the beginning of '08. Nan died Mar 24, 2008. Both hit hard.
* Insert random psychotic females, stalkers, and persons that like to cause drama/live with drama Am striking them from memory.
* Sept 20, 2008: Enter Andrew :) or AnDREW...or AnDEW....or Prince CB. Whatever you'd like to call him :)
* Mid-October 2008: Enter Cash.
* Nov. 1, 2008: Move into my new place.
* Economy strikes. People in our sister companies are getting laid off left and right.
* Enter busy, busy, busy schedules
* Mid-November: Andrew gets laid off from HIS job.
* Weather goes from Winter to Spring in Georgia.
* Thanksgiving: The first Thanksgiving without Nan and Pop. My parents came up for the day, and we all went to Shane and Kim's friend's house for dinner. Mom and dad drove home later that night.
* Realized Andrew and I have a lot more in common than we both knew.
* December: Andrew and I start volunteering at the Hoof n' Woof: A thrift store benefiting Sunkissed Acres Equine Rescue and Retirement.
* Towards end of December: Christmas dinner with Andrew's family (all from his mom's side). Went with Andrew, his mom, and dad, to visit his grandmother (his maternal grandmother: the only grandparent he has left) at her nursing home in Summerville. Unfortunately, she is not doing well. I started crying in the hallway waiting for them...trying to look busy looking at paperwork from the thrift store. Nan and Pop's passing was all too least they were home. Andrew tells me on the way home that ever since he was little, he wanted to be a horse trainer...and an "airplane driver."

Some realizations:

1. Andrew is naturally gifted with animals. We have been to two farms where the people have said, "wow.....he's/she's NEVER like that with men. He/She is usually terrified of men." This includes a 100 lbs. male Great Pyrenees and a more than 100 lbs. mule (who gave him kisses and followed him around like a puppy). Since he's been laid off, he has been trying to find a new career with animals.

2. Amanda and Robert's wedding is May 23, 2009. We are all very excited even though Amanda is stressed out. You would be, too, if you were a student, a teacher, and a bride-to-be. :)

3. Jennifer is having another little girl in February. We are all so excited for she and Josh...and Mia and Kate!

4. Shane and Kim get married in September in Jamaica.

5. I go to Vegas in February for work...and Andrew's coming, too. (I have Frequent Flyer miles, etc.)

6. For the first a long time...I can stretch, breathe, and fly. Sure..the economy and work has me stressed, but I am making myself indispensible. I am taking as many classes I can regarding exports and such and am the only one qualified for some of our documentation requirements. I am healthy. I have my own place so the stress level has decreased. I have a wonderful man in my life with whom I am taking things slow, and it's working out great. I am conquering things left and right when they arise. I have discovered I have limited tolerance for persons who use others to make themselves feel good, persons who thrive on drama and pity, and even less tolerance for rude people.

Things may not always turn out the way we think they will, but all things happen for a reason. My reason is currently helping his sister move.

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