Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Did I just get up and walk out of the room?

Anyone that knows me in real life knows that I have a tendency to talk in my sleep including full-length conversations that I rarely remember past the first 5 minutes of the next morning.

Andrew wasn't tired and was up playing Counterstrike on the PC. Cash was passed out on the bed. It was 1:45 am when I asked Andrew, "Did I just get up and walk out of the room?"

"Uh, no."

I had a dream...that I was having a dream. The dream I was having (in my dream) was about a boxer from the 1930s/1940s and his "sweetheart," and I don't remember the story line. my dream....I dreamt that I woke up from THAT fake dream, and I walked out to the kitchen. I saw the time on the microwave, "4:36 am." I walked back in the bedroom and was about to say something about the time and looked over at Andrew's PC and saw him on a porn site, a girl on a webcam in a provocative nature, and him chatting with her. I don't mean a webcam whore, I mean some random girl. Her screen name was like sweet_girl_ga or something, and they were flirting back and forth. The two lines of IMing that I last read were Andrew asking her "what are you up to?" and she replying, "talking to yoooooou" but that was long after she had IMed him, "I love yoooooou."

So in my REAL dream, when I saw this, he had turned around and looked at me, and I said, "Nice" in a very evil manner. Then his computer messed up, and I replied, "gee darn" sarcastically (I may have said that in real life.)

Then I woke up (from all dreaming), and I was laying there. I looked over, Andrew was still playing CS on the PC....Cash was still passed out next to me, and I asked, "Did I just get up and walk out of the room?" He replied, "uh no."

I told him about my dream, and I said, "oh wait, I know I was dreaming. [Besides knowing he wouldn't have done any of that anyways] It's only 1:45 am, and in my dream, it was 4:36 am."

What a weird and disturbing dream. I told him I'm glad I woke up and realized it was all fake, or I might have given him the "hasta la vista" in the morning - lol.

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