Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You've Disappointed Me.

Bear with me while I get slightly philosophical. Well, let's rephrase that - philosophy with a bit (or a lot) or cynical annoyance.

There comes a point in someone's life where you've been patient and understanding for so long until you finally realize, "I'm not taking this anymore."

Truly, you have disappointed me. The person to which this is directed knows who he is, and my friends do as well.

Why have you disappointed me?

For one thing, there's no closure. Yes, yes, the "C" word..."closure." A word that has been thrown around since the 90s with some psychological mumbo jumbo about life, living, and finding the "answers." You left things open-ended. You left things open for interpretation. Why did you? One can only guess you did so because you didn't have the courage to do so. Instead, you made someone GUESS what you meant, and even when they did guess, you never told them if they were right or wrong.

Why you continue to disappoint me...

I have no idea what is going on in your life, but one can speculate. I'm going to assume that the picture message you sent me a couple of weeks ago...to my e-mail...was purely by accident. It saddens me to see how you can take people, be their friend, their lover, or whatever you label yourself, use them just long enough, and then you throw them to the side, stomping on them, and really sending them for a whirl when you don't give them any answers.

I can only assume that you are still doing this, and for that, I feel sorry for any person (male or female) with whom you come in contact.

I never did receive any closure, and, frankly, I'm not sure I want to. I just remember the favors and the things I did for you to help you out when you were low on cash, had an over-limit credit card, needed groceries, etc. I can pinpoint the exact date when I knew things weren't going to work out:

You needed groceries. I went with you. You filled up your cart. You checked out. The total was $69.66, and you ran your card - "declined." Do you have another method of payment? No, you didn't, and you turn to me...as do everyone else in line and the cashier. I should have said, "sorry," but I mistakenly believed the little lies you told me prior and said, "I'll cover it." As we're walking out to your truck with the groceries, you begin to tell me that you had been talking to your ex-wife, and already I could tell she still had her claws in you, and you liked it. It was then that I prepared myself for disaster because I knew it was coming, and I knew this prelude was only going to get worse.

I told you back then, "you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else," but you wouldn't listen, and I'm sure you won't listen.

One day, this will all come around to haunt you, but I feel more sorry for the persons that befriend you, try to help you out, etc. than I ever will for you.

Harsh? Sure, it may be, but at least I'm the one being realistic.

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Amanda said...

*shakes head* There is no vocabulary sufficient to capture the full capacity of his pitiable and pitiful reality.