Friday, September 26, 2008

Gasoline: Now this is annoying.

I've done what the news and any sane person has said to do, "get your gas as you would normally get your gas." So that's what I've done this week. I always get gas on Fridays for my car. I left for work this morning, and there wasn't any gas at the BP or RaceTrac. I figured there wouldn't be.

I thought, "I'll get gas at the Shell station."

As I was getting off my exit, the tanker truck was trying to get out of the RaceTrac parking lot, and he couldn't because of all of the cars that swarmed the pumps. I drove past and pulled into Shell - no gas. Okay - there are some others, and if anything, I guess I will have to go and wait in line at RaceTrac (1/8th of a tank left).

No gas at the Texaco, and so I head to QT. It's a good sign when you see someone walking FROM the QT with a gallon gas jug full. So I pull in.....and wait in line. Well crap, but I have to do what I have to do.

I'm waiting in line maybe 5 minutes, and it's my turn to claim the next pump from my end when I notice two empty pumps right in the middle. I pull forward do a reverse twirl move in my car, back up, and...ta da! I'm at the pump. Another woman sees the pump in front of me and pulls in as well. This is where the eavesdropping starts:

"Don't worry, man, I'm only gettin' a little."
"Give me a break, lady, I'm on my last gas can to fill up."
"Well I just came here to top off my tank with two or three gallons."
"Yeah I'll wait here at the pump until you come then when I leave, you can have my pump."

What is wrong with the above statements? First of all, if you're not in NEED of gas, don't congest the pumps getting a few gallons. Don't bring 5-6 gas cans (5 gallon containers) to fill up with gas all in one shot AND fill up your car. While you think it's nice that you're offering your friend your pump, when you drive a large Chevy truck...and you're in one of the inner pumps at the QT, and people are done behind your or in front of you and need you to move so they can leave, it's not a good idea to sit and wait there. Who's to say the station will have gas when your buddy gets there?

I'm so fed up with gas. Luckily, I only paid $3.97/gal. The Texaco up the road (that doesn't have gas) is charging $4.39/gal for regular.

Pros for the gas crap:

1) Not as much traffic on the road
2) No annoying engine revving around parking lots, etc. due to the gas it burns

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