Friday, September 12, 2008

Beer Thursday Recap - 9-11-08


Jennifer's friend (I have already forgotten her name! Correct me, Jennifer!)

Steven and I got to Taco Mac early. PoolBoy couldn't make it due to other plans, Amy came home from school sick, and John ("beer god") stayed home with Amy, his wife.

We opted for the far outside patio table thinking we'd be obnoxious and would want to stay away from others. That was a fatal mistake.

Conveniently located next to our table was the gate to come in and out of the patio...the gate with the bright red bar that says, "PUSH TO OPEN...ALARM WILL SOUND." Last Thursday, the alarm was off. After moving seats because the sun was in his eyes, Steven sat next to the fire bar gate. Elbow propped up on the back of his chair, he performed a scene from Finding Nemo: when Nemo and his dad are together in the beginning, Nemo swims almost to the surface under a boat and sits there with his tiny fin raised as his father says, "don't you do it!" Nemo gives a sly grin and *poke* pokes the bottom of the boat and swims back down. Let's break this down.... Steven's sitting in the chair, his arm propped up on the back, and I see him look at the fire alarm. "It wasn't on last week" were his last words before I said, "don't," and one quick motion without taking his eyes off of me, and he smacked his elbow into the gate.

Guess what?

Alarm was on THIS week. And as the rest of the people in the patio turned and stared with rude faces and as the people sitting directly inside looked out, Steven's ears got red, and I couldn't stop laughing. Our waiter gave a begrudging look and said, "I'll get that taken care of for you."

When the manager came out with a key to shut it off he said something humorous to Steven. Steven was eyeing it again, and I, kidding around, made a big show, "DON'T YOU DARE! I WILL CUT OFF YOUR ARM! I WILL CUT OFF YOUR ARM WITH THIS BUTTER KNIFE ON THE DAMN TABLE!" There was a table of sorostitutes that looked over at us and starting talking, "like OMG - did you hear how she was talking to him!"Steven and I laughed.

Jennifer and her friend showed up around 8 or so. Jennifer informed me she got a little tipsy at lunch and laughed her ass off when her friend, Lisa, spilled water all over herself. It made me laugh, too, having met Lisa. We talked about beer and why no one else was there.

When it became time to leave (about 10 or so), we all stand up, and Steven slams into the gate expecting the alarm to go off again (since we just saw someone IN Taco Mac leaving through a door whose alarm went off). Nope. Too bad.

See you next Thursday.

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