Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jack's white house and stuff.

Our interior of the house is white.

It's not white from paint, and it's not symbolically white. We put a partial wall up in the theatre, sheetrocked it, mudded it, and had a guy working with us sanding it. Unfortunately, no one took my suggestion of hanging sheets of plastic in the stair area or anything, and so the ENTIRE house is white: a thin layer of sheetrock dust.

Everywhere. Now those of you that know the house know that we have dark hardwood floors- you can see everyone's footprints (and paw prints). Now we have to paint and trim the wall and clean the whole house before this Friday as that's when the parents are coming up to visit.

I was biking today on the Silver Comet, and started getting a headache. That was 10 hours ago. I still have it :-\

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