Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Some history for those of you that don't know this.
I went and picked up this dog for a former friend off Craigslist. He wanted a German Shepherd. He ended up keeping her OUTside 24/7. A few weeks later, I went and checked on her, and this is what I found (this was 3 years ago):

I got a collar out of my car, slipped it around her neck and stole her and her two puppies and took her to my friends (the one above holding the dog in the picture). I never had contact with that person (the one that starved her) again.

We spent some weeks getting her better. After FEEDING her and getting her better (she had a flea allergy), this is what she ended up looking like:

It takes time and money to own an animal and to rehabilitate an animal. If you can't afford to do so, give it up to someone who can instead of doing this or complaining to everyone else about how much money you need and how poor you are.

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