Sunday, August 10, 2008

HCB: Silver Comet Trail - party of 5.

I just got back from biking the Silvet Comet Trail again. This time, Shane and Kim rented bikes, and Bobbie's husband, Jim came biking, too. We started at the Silver Comet Depot in Mableton and turned right, crossing over Floyd Road heading towards the beginning of the trail. We biked four miles to the start of the trail, and we took a little break.

Bobbie spotted a handsome fawn Great Dane that was there with his "parents." Of course, Bobbie, Jim, and I went over to say Hello to the big guy. The owner said, "he'll just slobber on you." That was fine. I was used to that. What a handsome guy - carrying his own pooper scooper bags in a capsule around his neck.

When we had enough, we biked back to the Depot, and Shane and Kim turned in their bikes. 8 miles down. We had a nice lady take a group shot of the five of us before Shane and Kim left.

Bobbie, Jim, and I all wanted to continue biking so we biked 4.6 miles down to Wildhorse Trail and then turned around and came back.

We saw something neat: a wasp take down and fight a cicada! It was right at one of the crossroads so we watched in semi-awe, semi-horror.

It was a great day for biking! Shane and Kim decided they want to bike more and hope to get over that awkward, "I haven't biked in 20 years" phase as well. Jim, on the other hand, he doesn't count. Mister jumping over small humps on the trail.

Shane and Kim: 8 miles
Bobbie, Jim, and I: 17.2 miles

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