Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Governor doesn't need expensive sunglasses...

From a friend of mine, James:
So I had to go out to Winder, GA yesterday for a HS softball game. It was raining all fucking day, and was raining on the way, and was raining when I got there....51 miles away for a 5 o'clock game.

Policy is that we go and stay until the game administrator cancels the game. So at like 3:30, when I was 10 miles away and sitting in traffic, I got the cancel call. All is not lost, I figure, because I passed Bass Pro Shops on the way out...I can stop on the way back!

I really need new sunglasses, since I have broken 2 pairs in the last 3 days. I am a oaf. So I start looking at the cheapie glasses, because I am broke, and this guy walks up, puts a pair on, and says "Well, what do you think of these?"

I look at him for like a second or two, and say "Well, Governor Perdue, I like those a lot. I think you should buy them." The Governor of GA and me were shopping for Cheap Sunglasses.

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