Sunday, July 27, 2008

My knees are on fire, but it's worth it.

Silver Comet Trail: Floyd Road to Hiram.

Bobbie (now known as Bobbie Blue Shirt) and I made plans late last night to bike the Silver Comet Trail starting from Carter Road and biking to Hiram, Georgia. I met Bobbie at the end of East-West connector. After a stop at Burger King for one last restroom break, and scoring two crowns, we headed down to Carter Road. We got our bikes unloaded and put together. I hopped on my bike. Bobbie hopped on hers, and her brakes were tight. After trying to figure out what was wrong, we made the decision to disassemble our bikes, load them up, and drive down East-West Connector to Silver Comet Depot off Floyd Road.

^ Zack "Paisley," our savior. ^

We LOVE the Silver Comet Depot. There is a great guy there that helped us out. We will call him Zack Paisley. His real name is Zack, but as he was putting finishing touches on Bobbie's bike, he said, "awww so cute with these little flower things. I can't say anything, I have a bike that has paisley on it." We laughed. Next was my bike. He helped re-engage my brakes and redid my bike computer for me as we talked. He had moved down from Chicago and said to Bobbie and I, "Are you guys local? Cause you're smartasses." (Us? no) Bobbie took a picture of him for our Facebook. He fixed our bikes, and off we went. I jokingly told Bobbie "he's my new boyfriend, he just doesn't know it yet." (Kind of like yay for saving my bike!)

We conquered two HUGE hills that made us cringe, and we were talked to by a variety of people. At the 12.8 mile marker we were going to turn around, but lo and behold, Bobby and Keith were on the trail at 14.6 and offered us PBJ and granola :) Singing "Peanut Butter Jelly time" we rode up, Bobbie ringing her bike bell, and we relaxed for awhile before turning around.

The last two miles of the trail, I thought my knees were going to explode. I almost forgot the best part. During those last two miles, my cousin continuously called me. My ringtone is the theme from The A-Team. So anytime someone passed by us, my phone would still be ringing, as loud as it could....the trademark "A-Team" song. Bobbie said it was our theme song. 21 miles later we were cheering riding into the parking area.

I got some sun...even with sunscreen :)

Post-biking on my way home.

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Amanda said...

Woohoo!! Congratulations, Jack!! :D