Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mustering the best villain voice: MY PLANS - FOILED AGAIN!

Biking plans foiled again. Why? Well let's dissect:

Three times today, we had power surges. One time, we were without power for thirty minutes. Nice. The weather decided to foil my biking plans again.

Bobbie and I have since revamped our biking plans. I'm getting my hair did (purpose) on Saturday. It kinda makes no sense to go get my hair done and re-dyed then go biking? I don't think so. Instead, I'm getting my hair done on Saturday, and on Sunday, Bobbie and I are opting to bike The Greenway instead of the Silver Comet since my dad will be in town. I refuse to miss riding AT LEAST once a week.

It's funny talking to Shane about bikes. Passing on information I only learned in the past two months or so. He and Kim are coming biking on the SCT next weekend, and we will probably tackle the same Mableton to Hiram stretch as before (the 21 miler). This time, we're all packing for a picnic - no permanently borrowing PB&Js and Granola :) Shane swears that he and Kim can "definitely" do 21 miles. My mom informed him, "you do realize where she biked the 21 miles there were actual hills, right?"

It should be interesting. Bobbie and I will take pictures on Sunday :)

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