Monday, July 28, 2008

Creepy guys on the Silver Comet Trail.

As you can tell below, Bobbie and I biked the Comet on Sunday. When I used to bike with the two guys, it was kind of like a spread-out pack. As Bobbie and I were biking yesterday, there seemed to be an influx of creepy guys that saw two girls biking together. It'd start with a very-70s-swinger-wannabe-voice of "Hell-ooooo" to me with a smile and a nod, and then "Cutie" as they passed Bobbie behind me. We thought, for sure, that he was going to turn around and come back...we pedalled harder. There were some other fairly creepy guys as well on the trail eyeing us up and down.

Further down the trail, we briefly chatted with a 60-something year old guy who could be a character on "In the Heat of the Night," "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" or some other Southern literature classic piece of literature or movie where the genteel way of saying hello is, "I'm passin' on y'all ladies' left. How are y'all doin'? My! What a beautiful day on the trail, isn't it?" We both giggled at this guy just enjoying his Sunday ride. When we passed him as he had turned around, he smiled and nodded. He wasn't creepy.

Something else we noticed were the guys donned in their biking attire huffing and puffing, but still able to eek out a breathy "hey" or "hi" or "hello," but, more or less, it was just a head nod and a smile at us as they zipped past. I also noticed that if you're two girls alone stopped on the side taking a break or drinking water, you get more looks as if to wonder if we were okay.

This one line of bikers came past us on our return to Old Lost Mountain, and we had merely stopped for water. The line went like this, hard core woman in front, three guys in a line behind her. The second guy looked over at us as they approached, pointed at us and said, "are you okay?" The hard-core woman in front, thinking, OBVIOUSLY, the guy was talking to her said, "yes, it's just Old Lost Mountain." I had a mouthful of water so I just gave him the trademark Scuba symbol of "OK" and nodded. He smiled and nodded back as they continued to bike past us.

I will try to take some more pictures next time we ride of the trail itself like Bobbie did. There was one semi-tropical portion that I told her, "I'm kinda waiting for T-Rex to come crashing through the trees."

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