Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bathroom Adventures.

I know that there is one person that read that title whose face is white and is saying, "NO, JACK!" But, you would be mistaken if you thought I was going to discuss bodily functions in-depth.

Our building.

Our building used to be a warehouse. It was gutted and completely redone with new offices, a new warehouse set-up, etc. Some of us have raised eyebrows about various "hills" in the foundation, etc.

Last week, our corporate office's secretary said, "I wonder why this water is standing?" I said, "I wondered the same thing." Lo and behold, we had a leak in one of our pipes....flush against the building, about 2 feet underground. We hire Billy Bob and Bubba to come fix the pipes. Billy Bob (not his real name) brings his "boy" with him (because's not "son." It's "boy.")

First, they turn off our water and don't tell us. Great. No water. No bathrooms. If one of the warehouse boys gets chemicals in their eyes they need to flush - SOL. The next morning, we were told, "the water would be on shortly," but it wasn't. So we had to start making the trek to the building behind us to use the restroom. Let's think about this...walk into corporate, through their back door, through a fence, up a hill, across a parking lot, in the front door, to go to the bathroom.

The water was then turned back on later that day - Hallelujah!

Yesterday afternoon, I go to wash my hands, and it's a trickle. "SHIT! They turned the water off!" They, again, didn't tell us. Luckily, it was 4:30pm or so, and I just went and told my boss, "we have no water again."

So here we are, the following day, having to not only make the bathroom trek, but through wet grass. Knowing how graceful I am...I am sure I will bust my ass at least once today.

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