Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Night.

We spent the night walking, hand-in-hand, in a city new to us: a city with beautiful arched bridges, where the old town mixes with the new city. Though there were people surrounding us, it was just you and I, and that's all that mattered. We headed back to our room, and the May heat helped in creating a gleam of sweat on our skin.

I stripped down to all but a white tank top and bikini and over-dramatically landed on the bed, my arms outstretched, my hair whipping down around me from the fall. You laughed at me, but you were stripping down, too. You opened the window to our room all the way, and the sights and sounds of the European town found its way up to the room.

You sat down at your laptop to check some things, and I rose myself up on one arm, lying on my side, looking over at you smiling as you began to serenade the city with your own renditions of songs that they had never heard. I shook my head and smiled. The coolness of the night danced across my skin attempting to banish the sweaty gleam.

You turned around and smiled when "Still" came across the music of choice on your laptop. I gave a sly grin back to you, still watching you, hearing the tap-tap of the keys combined with your serenading and all of the sounds below our window outside. I rolled over on my back, my hands under my head and just listened for awhile before deciding to sneak up on you.

You were busy singing when I came up behind you, put my hands on my knees, leaned forward, and kissed the back of your neck. Involuntarily, you scrunched up your shoulders and turned to look at me. I ran my hand from one shoulder, across your back to your other shoulder while walking around to the front of you.

You push back slightly from the table where you were working as I slide myself down between the table and your chest, straddling your lap, my hands on either arms of the chair you're sitting in, and I lean back and smile at you. You, too, get a smile across your face.

The ice-cold Coca-Cola in the glass bottle sitting on the desk has cold, wet condensation running down the glass bottle. I run my fingers down it, picking up some of the cold water on my fingers and playfully flick my fingers at you and laugh. You just smile and shake your head, picking up the bottle and taking a swig of the cool, crisp nectar it contains.

Just as you're putting down the bottle, I lean forward, my hands on either side of your face and kiss you. Your mouth cooled and sweet from the drink, I lightly nibble your lips at first then start the night's perfect kiss - lightly, and then wanting more, my tongue plays with yours - two lovers on their own. You wrap your arms around my waist as I arch forward against you. One hand runs behind your head and down your neck, and I gently run my nails up your shoulder. I pull away because your kiss has left me breathless, and my breath plays across your lips as you lean forward and quickly steal a small kiss from me.

I smile, lean back, criss-cross my arms and pull off my tank top, my bare chest pressed against yours. We kiss again, I've extended my arms around your neck, my fingers interlocking behind your head. You pull back slightly and run your hand down my neck and down slowly across my chest while the other is placed against the middle of my back.

We both smile, and I stand up, taking you by the hands, our fingers entwined with one another, and, walking backwards, give you a seductive smile.

This hot night is about to get hotter.

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